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Research & Innovation

R&D is in the DNA of Loiretech and has made its rapid evolution in the last 10 years and drives our company to be one worldwide leader on high innovative technologies.

Loiretech is connected with the local major players and is an actor of Pole EMC2, a french composite and metallic cluster. Loiretech is also member of the Jules Verne Research Institute which is the french reference for advanced manufacturing and factory of the future.

The main scientific actors Loiretech is connected with are listed below :



Nowadays, Loiretech is involved in the following collaborative projects :


  • Mu-Tool : FP7 project aiming to develop a fast heating of composites technology
  • Walid : FP7 project aiming to develop thermoplastic blades
  • HOBIT : IRT Jules Verne project aiming to develop new blades manufacturing technologies
  • ROBOFIN : IRT Jules Verne project aiming to develop high speed milling using robot system
  • CORAC : French industry project aiming to define new fuselage manufacturing technologies






Micro wave heating of composites


Loiretech developed and patented a new technology allowing fast heating of composites. The main advantage remains in the fact that the heat is brought directly to the material through a transparent ceramic mould. The objective is to produce at high rates using a minimum of energy.




Loiretech developed new carbon self-heating tooling concept being able to cure part without using autoclave or oven. The heating system is mainly based on electrical resistances included in the moulding shell in a way that does not impact the composite properties.

Composite chassis manufacturing


Loiretech has developed a set of new preforming and moulding technologies able to be implemented in a complete composite chassis manufacturing. This development has been used to manufacture the school Le Mans car which is based on a self-supported chassis on which are directly connected engine, crash box and front wheel connecting rods.