Inspection Technologies

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Inspection Technologies

Loiretech offers a large range of inspection tooling from elementary parts to complete assembled functions or vehicles.

These fixtures may integrate automated functions and be connected to plant ERP systems in order to check in line geometrical dimension but also ensure correct assembly or appropriate load properties or other physical properties.



Inspection fixture


This fixture is designed to make the geometrical inspection of a front bumper. It’s made out of aluminium and integrates stainless steel inserts in the accurate measuring areas. The general accuracy of it is +/- 0,1mm. We generally supply this kind of tooling with a complete inspection report including if requested repeatability analysis.

Complete vehicle inspection gage


Loiretech has got a long experience in complete vehicle inspection unit manufacturing. This device is necessary for complete bodywork tuning, allowing the final customer to identify the changes he has to ask to ensure the global conformity of a body in white. The main frame of the control fixture is made out of steel and each element is made out of aluminium including stainless steel inserts.

Automated inspection workstation


This example shows a workstation designed to check in one single operation all the elements added to a door panel regarding colour and part presence conformity according to the bill of material. The device is getting the requested information through the barcode on the main part, checks the different items and displays the result to the operator and to the plant ERP system.