Forming and Stretching Technologies

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Forming and Stretching Technologies

Loiretech can handle various technologies on sheet metal forming,  especially for aerospace applications from very thin Inconel sheets used for light weight insulation blankets to body panel made out of aluminium. 


The main applications are listed below :



Sheet stretch forming tooling


This kind of tooling is generally made out of cast iron for serial production and special tooling board for prototype applications. This kind of tooling is mainly used for aluminium body panels forming.

Profile stretch forming tooling


Loiretech has developed profile stretch forming tooling including steel cores and soft material cavities allowing a perfect profile forming. This kind of tooling is generally used for blades or wings leading edges protection.

Thin sheet metal forming


These tooling are used for engine heat insulation blankets forming. We have developed special composite tooling for this application with a special surface treatment in order to reduce the wear due to sheet metal sliding during processing operation. These composite moulds are able to afford moulding pressures up to 200 Tons.