Special Purpose Machines

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Special Purpose Machines

Depending on the customer required specifications, Loiretech design and manufacture special purpose machines for a large range of applications. Most of them are focused on automated assembling, trimming or inspection operations.


A few typical examples are listed below :



Work station


These automated or manually-assisted stations carry out component assemblies and check the geometric or functional conformity of the assembled assembly. They can be connected to the MES systems of the plants to allow centralized supervision.

Stringers assembling machine


This machine has been designed to ensure the acurate bonding of stringers into a composite fuselage panel. The main dimensions of this tooling are 6 meter long by 4meter wide. It is able to assemble at the same time a set of 50 stringers.

Intelligent tooling


We design and integrate process control systems to automate the thermal control and injection functions of the molds.