Molding Technologies

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Molding technologies

Loiretech is one of the key suppliers of the aerospace market in large composite and invar molds manufacturing. We have developed and patented in that field key technologies such as modular moulds, vacuum sealing and tubular structures.

Our industrial equipment allows us to produce molds up to 20 meters long and able to reach curing temperatures up to 180°C.



Carbon epoxy molds


Mainly used for large structural or fuselage parts, this kind of tooling is able to produce carbon epoxy parts with rapid curing cycles due to the low weight of the mould compared to classical invar tooling.

Glass epoxy



These molds are mainly used for large parts in the field of ship building and defence industry. Loiretech has developed a special concept based on steel frame and glass epoxy molding skin with high geometrical accuracy which can be produced in a short delivery time.

Invar and steel molds


In case of high production volume, the invar or steel tooling remains an interesting technology allowing a very large number of parts production with very limited maintenance operations. The second main advantage of this solution is the geometrical accuracy of the molding surface.