Preforming Technologies

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Preforming technologies

Preforming is a key part of the composites processing to afford optimized quality as well as high production volume.

Loiretech has taken the lead of these related technologies for many years and is able to propose to its customer a large range of applications :



Pre-preg fabric preforming


Preforming moulds, depending on the requested rate of production can be made out of carbon epoxy or steel. The material compaction is done either through a silicon vacuum bag or thanks to moving cores actuated by pneumatic cylinders.

Dry fibers preforming


The mould technology is similar to pre preg fabric for low production rates. For high production rates, Loiretech has developed a heating technology using hot air used under pressure to cross quickly and efficiently the preforms using perforated cavities.

Fiber placement


Loiretech has developed glass epoxy composite tooling based on steel frames including a vacuum draining system. This particular technologie combines large but light weight tooling compatible with high production rates and tight geometrical accuracy.